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Department of Orthopaedics

To high hat someone means to act in a supercilious, condescending, affected manner, as if wearing a high hat. Muller, Kristian Samuelsson et al. A listener from Abilene, Texas, recounts the incredulous reaction he got when he was in England and asked some burly fellows for a dolly, meaning a wheeled conveyance for moving heavy loads. The effects of person-centered or other supportive interventions in older women with osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures—a systematic review of the literature Hilda K SvenssonLars-Erik Olsson, Tommy H. Some people substitute the word bang for hang, as in bang a Uey or U-ee for "make a U-turn. The vote, justafter 2 p. Så det är euroländerna som får stå för pengarna, sade en EU-källa.


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