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Att du inte är med i kampen Kommer jag inte förstå! Powered to remain -- This song is about the need to take a stand and act towards the sick and oppressive patriarchal society we live in. As many of us disgrace their ways, we still feel the urge to scream about it. Skicka med e-post BlogThis! Leaves em all behind E: Accepted by many, these types takes no pardon in their actions and ways. Judgement and fear in the darkness of death and destruction Absolution and your god is fucking dead Father of the holy son a ghost of oppression Symbols that suffocates patterns for a master race -- The way of using a belief of a higher existence has been one of the easiest ways of making people scared enough to be kept in line, to follow shit for no other reason than a God.

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Owned by societic rules and rich people that gain more from us work-wise than we ever will be given back, along with the fear that they feed us to keep us in line, to make us quiet and as much as cheap ass possible.

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Att du inte är med i kampen Kommer jag inte förstå! En armé för staten, vi spelar dem i faten AAAH fy fan, köpta svin Mera För att skydda och tjäna, de får maktelitens stjärna Mera våld, mera tunga vapen Skydda oss mot monsterstora gapen Allt tar slut, alla vill ta sig ut Hånar oss och lär, ingen värdig är -- Politicians way of protect and serve has, as no news, been in the favor of the rich. Arbetarjävel Det här din jävel, det är Sveriges gräsrötter Jagad och förnedrad ingenting lärd Men samtidigt så jävla förbannad Arbetarjävel — bland smutsen och golven Från vården till golvet står vi än här. Powered to remain Etching the words in our forehead Scratching the surface Finding the truth We will all be blind Unless we fucking fight E: Sociesick 21st century Equality means shit powered war mongers Reclaiming a nigh All been promised and nothing been saved Our fire to fight leaves us all in a lie E: The propaganda we get is written, owned and used by the ones that needs us on our knees, to stop us from questioning their lies. With what right have men gotten the space to help themselves to more in life than women?

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sister brother piss story
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