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In this, he was helped both by his own tireless work and the often-intolerant persecution from religious opponents and the secular state through much of his presidency. Rutherford also continued to distance his movement both from the other, existing Bible Student associations and the legacy of Pastor Russell. The Judge even banned public singing at JW meetings, a practice that was not reversed before Purpose, We will look briefly at the background of the movement — the American Adventist movement, and will also look at key events and developments in the leadership of Charles Taze Russell. After all, there is ample evidence that he did have the personal qualities necessary to make people follow him.

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The organization, its policies and practices are always tailored to the will of the founder.

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Macmillan, who served as manager of the Watch Tower administration, a de facto interim president. In there were probably no more than 56, active Witnesses in the world, almost half of them in the United States, but public awareness of the group greatly exceeded what the size should indicate Proclaimers This state of war between Rutherford and his religious opponents persisted throughout his presidency. The typical convert is a family member or friend of the person who preaches to them. On May 5,his license to practice law in Missouri was granted. Whatever way Russell had attracted his followers, the result was a movement of individuals strongly attracted to him personally.

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