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Verktyg och metoder Inom socionomyrken kan en mängd olika metoder och verktyg användas; ofta använder man dem i olika kombinationer, dvs inte nödvändigtvis bara en metod åt gången och individanpassar sitt arbetssätt för att skapa goda förutsättningar för meningsfulla möten. Fudoh The New Generation   An extended pre-titles sequence involving a washroom massacre, severed head deliveries and the coming of age of the teenage hero Shosuke Tanihara establish the escalating rivalry between the Fudoh family, its patriarch and the prominent Yakuza gang. Estranged from his gangster family “brother”, Hideki Sone is stranded in the peculiar town of Nagoya and quickly finds a universal strangeness. Like many Miike stories, this one hinges on a mind-fucking narrative unspooled by an unreliable narrator, disfigured courtesan Youki Kudoh, a stand-out in a cast of Japanese actors struggling with phonetic English line delivery. Genom att använda webbsidan godkänner du användningen av Cookies, som beskrivs i vår Integritetspolicy Jag förstår. There are plenty of grisly diversions into mutilation, weird sex and graphic splatter, including a bravura beheading, a guy sliced in half, a violated female corpse and a uniquely nasty sequence in which the hero has to watch the woman he loves being raped because the villains have his disembodied eye said woman bites off her own tongue soon after, shifting the movie into uncomfortable territory after a mostly breezy few reels. Visitor Q   You know you’re in for a good time when a movie opens with a father- daughter sex and ends with a junkie mother breastfeeding her teenagers to signify a sense of order has been restored to their home.

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Japan’s “The Box” is a deliberately paced, understated mood piece showcasing the kind of surrealistic, David Lynchian visuals and eerily dream-like ambience that helped define some of his odder pictures.

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The punch line, rendering the whole story a distorted nightmare or perverted wish-fulfillment fantasy, is marvelously off the wall in the Miike tradition. Naturally, though, it’s the more extreme movies that tend to stick in the mind, and, in any case, even the mildest of Miike outings still tend to be shot through with his distinctively warped sense of humour. Typical of the movie’s overall approach, one masochistic woman expresses her yearning to be raped by Ichi, who doesn’t oblige but does slice her lower leg off and slash her throat; in one of the nastiest moments, a tortured girl’s nipples are sliced off in grim close-up. Meanwhile, Mum discovers orgasmic pleasure from endlessly lactating prefiguring a key character in Gozu. Few films are as unforgettably bloody and queasily thrilling, and it all winds up with a hallucinatory battle between the two memorable killers, played with relish and power by Tadanobu Asano and Nao Omori. The TV mogul dad Kiyoshi is anally raped with a boom microphone on air and cures his sexual dysfunction by screwing the corpse of a female reporter he has throttled sure, it’s a big step, but, hey, he lasts MUCH longer! Kommunerna är skyldiga att erbjuda familjerådgivning.

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